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Isolated acoustic guitar in this style of singer-songwriter format portrays confessional intimacy. Here, the narrator reveals their feelings of the present with the stages of grief. Moving forward from the previous song, which was devastation and the process of losing, they now mourn their loss.

Today, I’m not worried about tomorrow. Today, I wish I wouldn’t wish so much.

One day, the sun will fade
but you and I, we’re gonna live forever.

One day, one day,

you still just might remember

The narrator is too focussed on their loss to feel troubled by anything else. They express denial and hope that one day, the sun can go down without the effects of Sundowning.

I wish it were fair, I wish I was there,

and I wish, I wish I didn’t care

because today, there’s nothing I can do

and one day, one day, I’ll be just like you, gonna fade away too.

But what if I want you?
What if I need you today?
Just for a day, I wish you weren’t far away. When part of me wants you,
part of me needs you today.
Just for a day, I wish you weren’t far away.

The narrator confesses their wishes for balance between the yang and yin, to still have connection, and ultimately to be able to move on, despite the inevitable.

Being only 3 chords, the progression is compact and loops endlessly to display the narrator’s inability to move on. The outro is amplified and aggressive to express their frustration and brooding.

How time still flies.

How these tears fill my eyes.

How far we come

from the day we stop being young

when we grow up more than once.

I don’t move on.
Life is by extra soon

when restless moons

don’t ever say goodnight,

not to you and just to me.

How you and me
seem to be stuck between
just a dream and just a plea for presence. Today my tears never dry

‘cause I don’t move on

and my heart stays broken.

The song closes with an a cappella of the verse melody in ‘For You’. The piano is absent and the narrator mourns. Truly, a part of my heart stays broken. Every day I think of her and what could have been. I’ve cried while writing these words and my throat tightens when I listen to them in harmony.

-Chris Cron (Lead Vocals)
-Talon David (Backing Vocals)
-Gracie Lubisky (Backing Vocals)
-Diogo Santos (Drums)
-Keefer Schoon (Nylon Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Lap slide, Lyrics, Backing vocals, A cappella arrangement)
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