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The Way?

The leitmotif returns on bass guitar, electric guitars, and percussion throughout the song and are intensely emphasized with the chord sequence previously shown. The divine Way indicates equal balance between yin and yang, but the question mark suggests invalidity, since what the senior is experiencing is misunderstood.

Who would have dreamed?
Who would have dreamed that on this day I would live to see everything,
every single thing balance perfectly?

Who could have dreamed?

The senior uses the expression “who would have dreamed...” in amazement of his ethereal experience, until asking who actually ​could ​have dreamed, since the hallucinations are dreamlike and unrealistic.

Behold the rays before my eyes,
the virgin sun is so sublime.
But you must have faith, you must know why I meet this day inside open skies.

My time has come and all is one.

My horizon melts and it blows my mind,

I’ve never felt so satisfied.
I will meet you in the sky.

The daylight and hallucinations captivate him, much like the effects of psychedelic drugs, where things appearing as if they’re melting is a common hallucination to have. The senior is approaching the ‘peak’ of his trip, where the highest intensity of euphoria is experienced, so he sings to his hallucinations that he will meet them in a higher state.

In one motion, all emotion sing in unison.

For one moment, everything is beautiful.

The ending instrumentally and lyrically convey his feelings of achieved enlightenment. The final 4 chord sequence is shown below, but instead of an E♭, it ends on a C major chord, concluding the track with sustained and hopeful harmony.

| B♭7 | A♭ | B♭ | C ||

The song transitions to the next with the drums playing the leitmotif on the toms

and the C major resolving to the first chord of ‘Sundown’, F minor.

-Noah Savoie (Vocal melody, backing vocals)
-Keefer Schoon (Electric guitar, Bass guitar, Lyrics, Keys, Backing vocals)
-Christos Theodore (Vocal melody, Backing vocals)
-Josh Trimble (Lead vocals)
-Erik Tulissio (drums)
-Grayson Wright (Backing vocals)
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