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The Time That We Take

This is the original recording of the song that the senior was playing on his guitar at the beginning of the album. Its reminiscent sound of 1950s traditional pop is easily identified with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald, Johnnie Ray, and many other artists of that era. The narrative coming from the senior in the opening track is, upon first listen, romantic and nostalgic. Now, it has become ironic and saddening.

(Spoken): According to..should Rock and Roll music die out -

The tune itself struggles to break through the static of a radio to portray the deterioration of the senior’s memory.

Neon raining aqua in your eyes,
like they’ve never shone so bright.
Who could forget them, my love, my darling?

Alive in your smile’s the sunrise,
the one and only one where I recognize:
I can’t forget you, my love, my darling, now.

The time that we take, the memories we make, I’ll always remember,
but it’s here that I think, in this time and this place, I’ll be with you forever.

Since Alzheimer’s has cancelled the senior’s ability to fulfill those promises, the tune is interrupted by the static just as he begins to say “forever”.

-Michael Joseph (Lead vocals)
-Keefer Schoon (Electric guitar, lyrics, keys)
-Tamila Umarkhanova (Violin)
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