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(The Time That We Take)

The senior himself sings an old love ballad on his guitar. The song focuses on sentimentality and the memories that we create with our loved ones. Not only that, but the title and lyrics are meant to indicate the time that we use up in life has been well spent and is therefore, valuable. Parentheses are used in this song title to keep this track and the eventual other ‘The Time That We Take’ from being seen as exactly the same on the tracklist.

Neon raining aqua in your eyes,
like they’ve never shone so bright.
Who could forget them, my love, my darling?

Alive in your smile’s the sunrise,
the one and only one where I recognize:
I can’t forget you, my love, my darling.

The time that we take, the memories we make,

I’ll always remember,

but it’s here that I think, in this time and this place, I’ll be with you forever.

-Nickolas Kyprianos (Lead vocals)
-Keefer Schoon (Nylon guitar, Lyrics)
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