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The Hole

Opposite of the mountain is the valley, yin, but because of excessive imbalance caused by the disease, the result is instead ‘The Hole’, the last of the senior’s mental deterioration. The audio heard at the start of the track is a recording of a sitar played backwards. Female vocals are notable on the latter half of the track, contrasting with the male vocals in ‘The Mountain’.

When percussion joins in, the leitmotif is present for the final time. At first it is identifiable and cohesive, but shortly, all synchronicity in rhythm, melody, and time is lost and becomes chaotic and haunting. ‘The Mountain’ is where it was developed and ‘The Hole’ is where it falls apart. The yin has dominated, corrupted, and fully taken over. This ends the senior’s internal experience.

-Britt Savage (vocals)
-Keefer Schoon (Electric guitar, bass guitar, sitar, theremin, vocals)
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