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Root Beer

Close your eyes, don’t you try so hard

to go so high, you never come back down. The only time going by is now,
light as ever, like a feather, float.

With the same lead vocalist as heard in ‘Mandala’, it’s clear that the senior is being talked to by his hallucinations again. The tone is comforting, the words are seductive, and it is here that female vocals are introduced on the album, hence the feminine attribute belonging to the yin.

No one near, the only one that’s here,

and you don’t need nobody else but you.

No one near, the only one that’s here,

and you don’t need nobody else but you (ooh)

Lullabies, butterflies at night.
All they see, odysseys of gloom.

Don’t rely on no one else but you.

The only soul you really know is you.

The lyrics in the B section comfort the individual’s loneliness, while the following verse tells of the present night, a most notable trait of yin. Butterflies, being a symbol of personal transformation, align with the senior’s dramatic transition to the yin. He is told that the only person he can truly trust is himself, suggesting that his hallucinations aren’t real and that he is alone.


Exiting the saxophone interlude, the resolution from G# minor to A major, which the song has been accustomed to thus far, is instead replaced by an A♭5, signifying a disruption.

| A♭5 | C♯sus2 C♯m | Emaj7/A | F♯m7/A | E ||

So, you’re only here for now?
When even in laughter, the heart is sorrow.

Or do you exist at all?
The way that you feel
every day that you’re here,
is it even real?

Proverbs 14:13 in the Bible reads “Even in laughter the heart is sorrowful” and it means that there is no joy that is completely free of all sadness, just as there is no yang without the yin and vise versa. The senior is asked if he isn’t anything more than a hallucination himself and if he can differentiate reality from his delirium.

-Maxwel Bourgeois (Bass Guitar)
-Jordan Chontos (Drums)
-Madeleine Hall (Backing vocals)
-Griffin Mang (Backing vocals)
-Noah Savoie (Tenor saxophone)
-Keefer Schoon (Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Lap slide, Lyrics, Keys)
-Christos Theodore (Lead Vocals)
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