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Emotion Blue

The senior voices his depression caused by the fading memories illustrated in the previous track. Confused and alone, he speaks out to his hallucinations in response to them in ‘Root Beer’.

Somewhere between
all the breaths that I take with you,

is the sky craving blue

when I feel the way I do.

While recognizing his symptoms, the senior can’t see why the nighttime has brought them.

Next to you, I feel the same,

Thoughts arrive but yet to stay.

I’d speak my mind, my mind is numb,

endless skies for silent doves.

Doves, which are commonly correlated with love and peace, represent exactly those things leaving him. He is grounded, no longer “in the sky” or “flying by”. Serenity is unreachable and continues to get away from him.

The chord sequence from ‘The Way?’ is heard, but here it is tragic and melancholy, accompanied by the femininity of yin through female vocals.

So many things I’d like to ask

about what else life should have,

Why every time I try to run from here,

I end where I began?

Alzheimer’s patients have a high tendency to wander off. They are carefully watched over in places that they stay at because of this.

-Adrianna Lester (Backing vocals)
-Keefer Schoon (Nylon guitar, bass guitar, lyrics, orchestral composition)
-Christos Theodore (Vocal melody)
-Josh Trimble (Lead vocals)
-Tamila Umarkhanova (Violin)
-Nurlan Zheitiru (Cello)
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